Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is my first attempt at painting on cookies. I gotta say I loved it! It really is like using water colors which I also love.  Try it at home this Valentine's day!  Just glaze the cookie with royal icing in a light color and you have your canvas.  Then mix a small amount of alcohol ( I use absolute lemon which my sister can't believe we still have in the freezer) with gel food coloring.  I used small Wilton paint brushes from Michael's.  I have tried using vanilla instead of vodka and it just doesn't dry enough for me for packaging.  It may just have too much sugar; it gets sticky.  
                             There will certainly be more painted cookies to come! 
Here is my daughter cutting out hearts.  She cracks me up because whenever I ask her to smile for a picture she squints her eyes and does this funny face like she is trying really hard to smile but it is a little bit painful. I could have a whole seperate section talking about that little one, she is quite a character! I guess photo shoots are just not her thing. Of course my sister- in-law can get my nieces and nephew to pose perfectly in a beautiful fall maple tree and smile for the camera, but not this little bugger!

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