Saturday, February 8, 2014

Meyer Lemons

I stumbled upon Meyer lemons at the store yesterday and was very excited as we live in northern Vermont and do not get many Meyer lemons up in these parts! I always see them in recipes from Ina Garten and always thought they were just pretentious little things!  BUT....I was wrong.  After I brought them home I dumped them into a bowl and the fragrance just hit me!  They are so floral with a hint of rosemary.  My daughter and I had to try one. We sliced one up and it is still a sour lemon but it almost has an orange flavor as well.  It is really the scent though that got me.  I keep picking them up and just smelling them.  My daughter thinks I am nuts (which I can be about scents sometimes, my husband can attest to that!).  
 All of a sudden I can't move pictures to the middle, argh! We are getting a new computer this weekend!  I have been trying to do everything from the Poor little IPad and I think it is trying to tell me that it is tired!

I also made some birthday cookies. Happy Birthday Megan!  Luster dust is fun to play around with. This is Wilton bronze and I just mix it with a drop of vodka and use it just like paint.  It did eat away at the icing a little bit because I was short on time and didn't let it dry long enough. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Cookies

These little love birds were so fun and easy to make.  This is just a base of white royal icing and then I piped on stiff royal icing to make the branches.  I used the aster mauve color from the Wilton garden tone set.  I really wanted to stay away from the bright reds and pinks this year.  I love this color and only a small drop is needed to make it.  I just think the less food coloring the better.  Red tends to give me trouble, it seems like I have to use half a bottle to get a true red.  
I used the same color to make the tiny hearts on these quilted cookies.  I was cracking up when I was decorating them because when I would first pipe the little hearts they looked like tiny buts!  I had to do a little work with the toothpick to make them look like hearts.  I suppose a big heart with little buts all over it would be a cute cookie too! I don 't know if you can see this or not but for the cookie on the left I used a food coloring marker to draw my grid on the cookie and the cookie on the right I used a knife to scratch the surface of the cookie to make a grid.  I would definitely recommend the latter because the food coloring marker shows through the icing, I was not very excited about that!                        
 More aster mauve!  Maybe I need to mix it up a bit with the next batch!