Friday, August 15, 2014

Well it has been a VERY busy summer! Somewhere between working on the house and going to the beach I managed to squeeze in a few cookies!  I made these gray and white onesies for a friend's baby shower.  I think they turned out pretty cute. They live outside of Boston so naturally I had to put on a Red Sox B. Their last name also starts with B and they are having a boy so there were many reasons for the B!

These UVM cookies were an order for a local hotel. They were going to put them in each guests room for a conference. I thought that was a really nice touch, I hope they liked them!  I used royal icing transfers for the catamounts which worked well. However I let the base layer of icing dry and then put the transfers on with some icing.  I do not recommend that.  I think it works much better to put the transfers on while the base layer of icing is still wet, much less breaking!

Go Cats Go!