Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Day Cookies

These little love birds were so fun and easy to make.  This is just a base of white royal icing and then I piped on stiff royal icing to make the branches.  I used the aster mauve color from the Wilton garden tone set.  I really wanted to stay away from the bright reds and pinks this year.  I love this color and only a small drop is needed to make it.  I just think the less food coloring the better.  Red tends to give me trouble, it seems like I have to use half a bottle to get a true red.  
I used the same color to make the tiny hearts on these quilted cookies.  I was cracking up when I was decorating them because when I would first pipe the little hearts they looked like tiny buts!  I had to do a little work with the toothpick to make them look like hearts.  I suppose a big heart with little buts all over it would be a cute cookie too! I don 't know if you can see this or not but for the cookie on the left I used a food coloring marker to draw my grid on the cookie and the cookie on the right I used a knife to scratch the surface of the cookie to make a grid.  I would definitely recommend the latter because the food coloring marker shows through the icing, I was not very excited about that!                        
 More aster mauve!  Maybe I need to mix it up a bit with the next batch!      

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