Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Baby shower owls

I used Sweetopia's design for these owl cookies.  She maintains a great cookie decorating blog, I recommend checking it out! They turned out nice in the end but for some reason there was a roadblock every step of the way.  The first time I mixed up the dough while my sister was chatting with me in the kitchen. This is always a BAD idea!  You know how sisters get talking and then somebody forgets to add the eggs!  Scrap that batch!  The next batch I rolled the dough too thin and used an owl cutter. 
                                     This is the one I used...I don't like it.  Well I should say I don't like it for a baby shower, I like it for kind of a creepy Halloween owl.  It is too skinny for a cute little baby owl.  Soooo I scrapped that batch as well! I went with the circle cookie and piped on the outline of the owl. I really prefer basic shapes, I find they are much easier to work with. Here is the final finished product. Three times a charm right?

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