Wednesday, April 23, 2014

 Happy Easter!  We had a great Easter in New Hampshire. The sun was shining and the kids were playing.  I love Easter egg hunts.  The kids always have so much fun and they don't really care if there is anything in the eggs or not, they just want to hunt for the eggs!  I made egg cookies for our daughter and our nieces and nephew.
I also made my first cookie box filled with micro robin's eggs.  It was fun to make and it reminded me of hanging drywall in a house when I was an Americorps volunteer.  That may seem like a bit of a jump but let me explain! After the square cookies were baked I used a micro plane (which looks like a big file) to even out the sides of the cookies and square everything off.  It was just like using that big file to grate down the sides of the drywall to make it fit in the closets and what not.  It is sort of like a puzzle. 
The little cookies are really easy to pop in your mouth as you walk by so if you make them watch out, they disappear quickly! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Weddings and Birthdays!

Well it is finally warming up here. We still have plenty of snow but the sunshine sure does feel good! I have been trying to come up with new wedding cookies.  These are the product of my brainstorming session.  They still need work but it is a start. 

Our daughter's birthday is on Monday so I made these owl pops for her preschool class.  As I was making them it donned on me that this was the first batch of cookies that I have made just for her! Oops  sorry about that ladybug!  Not that she doesn't eat plenty of cookies.  She should be my shelf life tester.  She doesn't care how old a cookie is, she will pop it right in her mouth! Disregard that statement Aunt Jane.