Friday, June 6, 2014

Today my daughter and I painted egg wash on strawberry cookies.  It is so easy and kids love it!  After you cut out the cookies just paint them with an egg wash mixed with a little food coloring.  You don't need much of it so divide a whisked egg mixed with water between several different bowls and mix in food coloring.  My daughter is five but I am sure older kids would love this as well.

My daughter learned that it is difficult to add detail.  Her Black dots didn't really look like seeds!

She painted and repainted this foot several times.  I do not recommend trying to wipe off the egg wash from the cookie!
Here is the finished product.  These are great for kids because there is no pastry bag full of frosting to contend with.

These blue and white cookies were fun to make, I love the contrast of the two colors but they did not really turn out the way I had envisioned.  That happens a lot with cookies!  It didn't help that my husband thought all of the roses were pigs.  After he said that it was all I could see in the rose cookies...guess I need to practice my roses!

Happy Summer!!!!

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