Thursday, June 19, 2014

Painting on Cookies

Well summer is in full swing, we have even gone to the beach already! Kids love the beach which means I love the beach! They just play in the sand and run away from waves the same way kids have been playing on the beach for decades.  

I had started this collection of Juneau cookies on a very Jueauish day, that is to say dark and rainy!  Then we left for the beach and when we returned it was beautiful and sunny so the cookies took a sunny turn. 
The fly fisherman is my husband.  I painted this cookie from a painting I painted in Juneau when we were too poor to actually buy decorations for our apartment.  His arms turned out a little short in this one, sorry babe! It is a little bit harder to paint with food coloring than actual paint! 

I found these beautiful raspberry colored sprinkles at a nice grocery store a few towns over.  They have been sitting in the cupboard for awhile so I finally decided to use them.  I love the chevron pattern that has become so popular lately so I decided to try my hand at it!
I just piped on white royal icing in a chevron pattern and then dipped the cookies in the sprinkles spread out on a plate.  It smushes the pattern down a bit so you have to do some touch ups with a toothpick. 

Happy decorating!

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