Thursday, March 27, 2014

I recently had an order for some Vermont cookies for a college student.  These cookies make a great addition to any care package. I remember how much I LOVED getting care packages when I was in college and then later when I was an Americorps volunteer in Alaska.  One time my mother sent me a package when I was working in Fairbanks. We lived in tents and my mother sent me a package and told me not to open it until my birthday.  After storing it in my TENT in ALASKA for a couple of days I opened it up and it was full of food!  Thanks mom, guess who else likes food in the wild in Alaska? Bears that's who!  But alas I was not eaten by a bear and I gobbled up all of the delicious chocolates and cheddar cheese. 
I have to say the Stowe logo gave me a lot of trouble!  I guess I need to work on that since we share a name!

Well my daughter and I are on a trip to New Jersey to visit my brother and his family.  It feels tropical down here, (we woke up to -10 again in VT this morning!) It is the little things right? A hotel pool and 40 degree weather go a long way! 

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