Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I am getting spring fever even though there are not actually any signs of spring yet!  My husband and I keep talking about a tropical get away so I decided to try out my new starfish cutter.
We used to live in Juneau, AK and at low tide you could see tons of starfish attached to the rocks.  They were beautiful and I remember them being this sort of purple color that is hard to replicate, but alas I will do it! Food coloring can sense fear...

My aunt Jane is always sewing beautiful skirts for our daughter.  I love the material she picks out and these three happen to be particularly spring-y.
 I made the birds into a cookie last year and I want to make the other two into cookies as well.
This cookie was my entry for an online cookie contest. I think I need to make them again, I love the fun colors!

We have had two pheasants hanging out around our house for the past couple of weeks. They like to eat the berries from our front tree. They are beautiful but we have no idea where they came from.
 Wow this photo looks black and white but it is actually a COLOR photo! I guess it is just a grey March day...

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