Saturday, February 8, 2014

Meyer Lemons

I stumbled upon Meyer lemons at the store yesterday and was very excited as we live in northern Vermont and do not get many Meyer lemons up in these parts! I always see them in recipes from Ina Garten and always thought they were just pretentious little things!  BUT....I was wrong.  After I brought them home I dumped them into a bowl and the fragrance just hit me!  They are so floral with a hint of rosemary.  My daughter and I had to try one. We sliced one up and it is still a sour lemon but it almost has an orange flavor as well.  It is really the scent though that got me.  I keep picking them up and just smelling them.  My daughter thinks I am nuts (which I can be about scents sometimes, my husband can attest to that!).  
 All of a sudden I can't move pictures to the middle, argh! We are getting a new computer this weekend!  I have been trying to do everything from the Poor little IPad and I think it is trying to tell me that it is tired!

I also made some birthday cookies. Happy Birthday Megan!  Luster dust is fun to play around with. This is Wilton bronze and I just mix it with a drop of vodka and use it just like paint.  It did eat away at the icing a little bit because I was short on time and didn't let it dry long enough. 

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