Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Autumn in VT

Well I have not been making many cookies lately but that is because it had been such a beautiful fall here in VT!  It seems like everyday has been sunny and warm.  We all know that it is a long cold winter so we have been getting out and enjoying the fall!  The leaves were great this year.  A small, but strong storm blew most of them down on Monday, but there are still a few pockets of color.  My daughter recently learned how to ride a two wheeler and decided that she likes to hike!! This is huge for us since my husband and I went hiking every weekend before the wee one came along.  Of course we have to act out Little Red Riding Hood all the way up the mountain, but at least we are going up the mountain! I did make some dough tonight though and I am excited to try my new mini fall cookie cutters. I love minis! 

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